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True health is a state of being (oneness) where there is the experience of alignment and integration (union) of our multidimensional nature – it is a state where the light of the Divine Self and Higher Self can be fully expressed by the Incarnated Soul (enlightenment)

Our Vision:

Is to permanently experience Multidimensional Health

To experience who you are as a multidimensional spiritual Being

Our Mission:

To empower your spiritual development

To become a modern day Yogi: always peaceful, easeful & useful


The only thing we take with us when we leave our bodies at death, is our spiritual development – so it is vitally important that we place priority in our busy lives on consciously developing our awareness and experience of, our true multidimensional nature.

What we experience at the human (3D) level of consciousness  is only a small aspect of who we are (Multi-D). Our spiritual anatomy consists of our Divine Self (spark), Higher Self and the Incarnated Soul. We have a physical body and many subtle bodies with chakras (energy centres).  The process of alignment, cleansing and energising our spiritual & physical anatomy, then integrating the triple aspect of God (creative source) within us is the pathway to true health, happiness, fulfillment, abundance and peace.

We provide wisdom, guidance, knowledge, physical/mental/spiritual technologies for your health and development from the ancient wisdom traditions with linkages to modern science findings. The approach is holistic -to improve health at the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Our emphasis is largely on connecting to your purpose; understanding and healing of the energy centres (chakras) and subtle bodies where dis-ease begins (which can ultimately manifest in physical/mental/emotional form); and looking after the physical body via Yoga asanas (postures), osteopathic treatment and health products for nutrition and healing.


Contact information:

e-mail: jarrod@multidimensionalhealth.com.au

phone: 0417 301 919

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